Years later, there was a sound of "rising", and the price of Nanjing clean sheds rose but not profits.

May 22, 2019 Industry News 224 views

New Year, Nanjing clean studio as a professional manufacturer of us, in just two weeks of work practice in client tracking, trouble due to the decontamination tent Nanjing prices caused people really feel the pressure, why not, please carefully listen to small series Said:
With the impact of raw material price hikes that began in the second half of 2016, after the start of the new year, a series of unpredictable price hikes in the history of raw materials has just begun. According to incomplete statistics purchased by our company, the unit price of the main parts of the Nanjing purification shed, the aluminum profile increased by 35%, the acrylic sheet increased by 40%, and the price of acrylic has also appeared out of stock. Even the manufacturers are frightened by the increase. . The only taste in it can only be directly tasted. The increase in raw materials this time has exceeded expectations, which has brought a heavy burden to the manufacturing industry, which is already in a difficult state of survival, and makes us such small and medium-sized enterprises really worse.
This is reckless. An old customer who ordered Nanjing purification sheds the year before and in the first half of last year will have a new clean shed to purchase after the year. The engineering staff of our company actively and reasonably carried out the price and budget work for this company. For customers with very strict cost control, we have also made a quotation based on the principle of high quality and low price. After the two-day price comparison work is over, we are informed that this time the aluminum profile and acrylic sheet are 3,000 yuan more than last year. As a result, the business staff of our company are really dumbfounded. In fact, in order to maintain our old customers, the cost of raw materials for clean sheds is calculated as lower than the market price as much as possible. The purpose is to stabilize the customers, even if the profit shrinks. The material that the customer sees has been increased according to the previous unit price, which is really not our fault. Therefore, here is an important thing to say three times: the increase in the price of Nanjing purification shed is not the increase in profit, the increase in the price of Nanjing purification shed is not the increase in profit, and the increase in the price of Nanjing purification shed is not the increase in profit. Although we successfully signed the contract in the end, in fact, we couldn’t bear it. We hope that all new and old customers understand Haihan.

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