Won the bid of Beijing Urban Drainage Group Co., Ltd. for a new batch of Nanjing Yixiou roller shutter filter cotton

May 18, 2019 company news 207 views

Through strict online supplier registration and review procedures, our company has become a qualified supplier in North Row. During the initial construction of the reclaimed water plant, our company’s rolling filter equipment was also used in the fresh air room before the blower. This time, after a formal online procurement bidding, layered screening, and in accordance with the methods and standards stipulated by the North Row Business Bidding, the winning bidder for the roller shutter filter filter was finally determined to be Nanjing Ecolead Ecolead . This is also a great recognition and support for our company’s products and services, indicating that our company’s early-stage roller shutter filter has a good operating effect and performance, and only then will we continue to use our company’s supporting consumables. Our roller shutter filter cotton is also very cost-effective. It can completely match the frame of any domestic roller shutter filter manufacturer . It has accurate size control, reinforced back mesh support, good filtering effect, strong dust catching ability, and exhaust gas filtration. , Salt spray purification industry, metallurgical industry sintering system purification, sewage treatment plant blower air inlet filtration, textile factory air conditioning return air filtration, subway air defense engineering ventilation filtration and other preferred filter types.

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