Why is the automatic rolling shutter filter the first choice for the fresh air room of the central air-conditioning unit?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 212 views

At present, the new air outlets of clean ventilated central air-conditioning units in China will be equipped with automatic rolling curtain air filters as standard . 2016 we had the pleasure and the tip of Dalian, Guangdong Shenling many other well-known air-conditioning manufacturers supporting the unit fresh air automatic shutter filter, so for any reason after docking technology several times, a large area of a large volume of fresh air chambers will choose automatic roll Is the winding filter the preferred primary filter method?

Since the air sucked in by fresh air contains a lot of large particulate matter, it will affect the normal operation of the air conditioning unit, and also affect the service life of the medium and high efficiency filters inside the unit. The air inlet is equipped with a roller shutter filter with excellent filtering performance and automatic winding operation, which guarantees the high-efficiency and trouble-free normal operation of the air-conditioning unit to the maximum extent; minimizes the number of shutdowns. It greatly protects the service life and use effect of the back-end equipment, and is a good way to save energy and use costs. A good fresh air filter is a prerequisite for excellent air quality and product quality in a clean room. The fundamental reason is that the roller shutter filter has the following outstanding features, which can win the love of design units, air conditioner manufacturers, and users:

1. The filter material can be automatically replaced: this is the biggest feature of the automatic winding filter, and it is also the reason why it is more popular than other primary filters. The replacement principle of the automatic winding filter is that the geared motor drives the transmission system to work, and the dirty filter material on the filter section is wound through the tube shaft, and the entire width is replaced with a clean filter material. The entire filter is accurately refueled, without any material waste, does not require any labor, and the automatic control is far more timely and accurate than manual refueling.

2. Suitable for large-area places: It is very suitable for large-area ventilation and filtration systems. The width direction is limited by the filter material (the maximum width is 2m), and multiple units can be spliced to form a wider filter section. Due to the height of the factory building, there is a certain range in the height direction, and a height of 6m is sufficient for use.

3. Easy to operate: Compared with the shortcomings of plate and frame modular replacement, a lot of manpower and material resources are required for replacement. Each time the automatic winding filter changes the filter material, the automatic control is completely induced by the differential pressure switch and the motor is started. There is no need for personnel to participate. Only when the entire volume of filter material is exhausted, the entire volume of filter needs to be replaced according to the process material.

4. Low operating cost: Compared with the shortcomings of plate and frame modular replacement, when replacing a large area, the cost of discarding the plate filter and replacing it with a new one is considerable; while the winding filter only needs to replace the filter cotton that matches the equipment. And each roll of filter cotton can be used at least about 6 times as the primary filter, which greatly saves the later operating costs.

The above is a brief summary of the editor’s summary of the reasons for the automatic winding of the central air conditioning fresh air room. Authoritative experts are welcome to guide and judge.

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