Why do clean sheds need to use anti-static materials?​

May 16, 2019 Industry News 203 views

Today we mainly discuss why clean sheds need to use anti-static materials as maintenance materials

Generally we all know that clean studio envelope materials include: anti-static curtain around (Anti-static PVC Curtain), ordinary strip curtain (PVC Strip) and (anti-static) acrylic plate (ACRYLIC).

Clean studio CLEAN BOOTH widely used in the electronics industry, which is mainly to prevent electrostatic discharge damage to electronic products (static-sensitive components)

This shows the harm of static electricity to the produced products, and secondly, whether the produced products need to be dust-proof.

The clean shed needs to be enclosed by an anti-static curtain:

1.       Anti-static grid curtain has ESD electrostatic discharge effect

2.       Play the role of isolating outdoor dust, etc.

Anti-static mesh curtain (ESD PVC CARBON PRINTED CURTAIN) is a blackconductive ink is printed on a good antistatic effect of transparent PVC film, the product will have better network surface ESD ESD effects

The resistance surface of the grid curtain surface is 10^4Ω-10^6Ω , and the resistance surface of the grid-free surface is 10^8Ω-10^10Ω

In addition, the black anti-static grid curtain has shading performance and can be used in clean rooms, clean workshops and other applications that require anti-static and shading.

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