Why choose automatic winding filter instead of ordinary plate and frame filter?

May 16, 2019 Industry News 199 views

Everyone knows that installing a primary filter plays a decisive role in the entire air-conditioning fan or aerodynamic equipment.

The primary filter can meet the following requirements:

1,   Effectively dispose of indoor air pollution, such as dust, etc., to provide cleaner air ;

2,   Effectively prevent the appearance of stains around the air outlet of the air conditioner, and extend the service life of the equipment ;

3.   The corresponding standard requirements are met in different levels of clean rooms. If the clean room wants to reach a certain level of cleanliness, it must be installed with a primary filter to effectively filter the air entering the room ;

4.   Deal with the appearance of serious dust accumulation in components such as fans, heat exchangers, pipes, etc., and also have the effect of removing peculiar smells.

However, in actual use, it is difficult for us to predict the service life of the primary filter, so we need to regularly test or check the resistance of the primary filter to avoid saturation and clogging of the filter element.

If the primary filter is not replaced in time, it will inevitably lead to a decrease in suction and a decrease in filtration accuracy.

If the primary filter is a common plate and frame filter, there are the following problems:

1)   Intermittent operation

2)   Labor intensive

3)   Low production efficiency

Therefore, for the above-mentioned working environment , the automatic winding air filter produced by our company (Nanjing Ecolead )

Has the following characteristics:

1. The workload of operation and maintenance is smallbecause the winding filter equipment is equipped with a filter material roll ( 15 meters long), if the equipment is 2 meters high, the filter material roll can be used 6-7 times. As long as the set pressure difference resistance is reached, the dirty filter material will roll down. No need for human monitoring and control.

2. The self-winding filter has a strong structure and can adapt to large negative pressure ventilation;

3. It can work continuously all year round to minimize the number of downtimes;

4. The transmission accessories of the automatic winding filter , the transmission motor and the intelligent PLC control are strictly required to operate in harsh environments. Therefore, the automatic winding filter of Nanjing Yixio definitely reduces the operating cost with stable quality;

It can be seen that the automatic winding filter is the most important basis for people to choose this equipment!

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