Which industries are the automatic roll-up air filters mainly used in?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 200 views

With the development of science and technology in China, the development of economy and industry will follow. Therefore, some factories will adopt more advanced equipment. In this equipment, the instruments are relatively sophisticated and are easily affected by dust. Normal factories will use automatic rolling curtain air filters to filter the air, so for such a set of advanced equipment, where is it used?


First, the metal smelting industry


The most heavy-duty enterprise in China is the metal smelting industry. The air quality requirements in the workshops of such enterprises are relatively high. The overall air quality is very poor, the particulate pollutants are serious, and the area is large, and it is difficult to control and control. Therefore, automatic rolling curtain air filters are used to clean the sintering system, ventilation system and other links.


Second, the power plant


Used in power plants, gas turbines used in power plants need to ensure a high degree of cleanliness, so general power plants will use automatic winding air filters to purify and filter the air inlet system of the complete set of equipment.


Third, on the highway


This type of equipment is also used on highways, mainly in culverts. Because the air circulation in the culverts is poor, the cleanliness of the air must be ensured when air conditioning is performed, so this type of equipment must be used. The air filter filters the air.


Fourth, subway and civil air defense projects


It is used in subways and civil air defense projects because artificial ventilation is necessary in these two facilities. Therefore, automatic rolling curtain air filters are used to filter the inhaled air, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the air in these projects. . Prevent bad air from adversely affecting the human body.


Fifth, the coal industry


There are a lot of dust particles in this industry, many people engaged in this labor project have occupational diseases, and the entire respiratory tract and lungs have detailed injuries. In order to ensure fresh air in the respiratory tract of people working underground, this air filter must be used at the vent to filter the air. This is an automatic replacement air filter device adapted to the harsh environment.


The above is a list of some places where automatic rolling air filters are often used. There are still many environments where you can see the sound and shadow of the winding filter. I will not list them one by one. I hope it can be used as a reference for customers.

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