What issues should be paid attention to when choosing Nanjing air shower room?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 178 views

Some people have already gone through systematic learning before using the Nanjing air shower , especially when they choose the air shower, to understand clearly what issues should be paid attention to when choosing the air shower? Ensure that when choosing, you can better choose the air shower room to really solve some of the selection problems.

What is Nanjing Air Shower

This is a kind of purification equipment required to enter the clean room and dust-free workshop. It has strong versatility. It is used in conjunction with all clean rooms and clean delivery rooms. When the staff enters the workshop, they need to pass through the air shower room . The clean air is sprayed on the body from multiple directions by rotating nozzles, which can effectively and quickly remove the dust attached to the clothes, so as to avoid pollution.

Matters needing attention when choosing Nanjing air shower

The main structure and accessories of the air shower room are mainly composed of fans, high-efficiency filters, control circuits, etc. The price difference is basically due to different accessories. Because the air shower industry has a high degree of specialization, the craftsmanship has become very particular, from manual blowing to fully automatic blowing, the wind speed has also been improved, and its performance has a qualitative improvement.

Key points of safety regulations for air shower room

The passage required for people to enter the clean room can reduce the pollution of the clean room. To reduce many dust particles caused by the entry and exit of people and goods, a very fully functional airlock room will be installed at the entrance of the clean room to reduce air pollution particles. In the air shower room , there are two kinds of primary filter and high efficiency filter. Only in this way can the pollutant particles in the air be better filtered out. When choosing this kind of air shower room, some problems really need to be paid attention to.

So: When choosing a wind shower room , the above two major issues need to be paid attention to. In addition, when choosing, you also need to know what an air shower is, so that when you choose, you can help yourself and better choose an air shower . So that the air shower room can play its role in filtering air pollution particles in the workshop.


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