What is the working principle of the roller shutter filter?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 196 views

Rolling curtain air filter is a kind of filter with very good sales for the company. Many factories will adopt such a set of filtering equipment. Therefore, many people have seen such equipment, but maybe not many people know it The working principle of, today I will popularize the knowledge for everyone, let you know what is the working principle of the roller shutter filter?

For this set of equipment, the main filtering function is the upper filter material . There is a loading box in the roll-up filter . When the air blown in from the air conditioner enters the filter, the dust in it will be affected. Stay in the filter, but with the extension of working time, the dust content in the filter material will increase, in this case the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter will also change.

As the pressure difference increases, the resistance of the filter will increase, and when this value reaches the originally set range, the pressure difference switch will be activated. After the switch is activated, the motor will be connected to the power supply, which is the whole device will start to work.

Then the filter material is driven to rotate through the roller blind device, so that the new filter material can replace the used filter material, and the motor will be turned off again after this work is completed.

The control of the entire system is controlled by a photoelectric system. In this case, it can ensure that the filter material is replaced more accurately, and only the filter material can be completely replaced without wasting new filter material.

Since the control of this equipment is automated, you only need to manually input and save the data when using the equipment, and there is no need to manually operate during the work process, so many factories are happy to use such equipment In order to save labor costs, and also because the control of the machine is always more precise than the control of the human.

This is the working principle of the roller blind filter . Because of its working principle, the whole equipment has a very good effect when working. It not only has the powerful function of filtering air, but also is very convenient to control.

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