What is special about the automatic roller blind primary filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 192 views

As far as filters are concerned, everyone is not unfamiliar, because some small filters are often used at home, such as water purifiers and air filters. With the advancement of technology, some more advanced ones are constantly appearing. Filters, such as automatic roller blind primary filters, etc., for this filter, compared with other filters, the function is similar, and the working principle is also the same. Today’s article will tell you this kind of filtering. What are the special features of the device?

First, the filter material used in the initial effect filter of the roller shutter is mostly man-made fiber. This fiber is more edible and reinforced by the outer frame, which has relatively high requirements for the outer frame. The outer frame is required to be very strong, and the other is The material of the outer frame is required to be moisture-proof hard paper, because the use of this material can ensure that the initial effect filter of the roller blind can continue to work in a harsh environment and that it will not be deformed. In addition, the outer frame must be reinforced. The general method is diagonal reinforcement, and the outer frame is connected very tightly at the frame to prevent air leakage.

Second, the main function of the roller shutter primary filter is to initially filter the particles in the air. The diameter of the main filter dust is generally above five microns, which is some particles that can be detected with the naked eye. It can also be used with some advanced filtering devices for filtering protection, because in some advanced filtering devices, if the air with high dust content is directly filtered, it may cause certain harm to such filters, so they are in use Previously, advanced filters generally used rolling-type primary filters for safety protection.

This is the characteristic of the roller blind primary effect filter , because its characteristics make it have a good market, regardless of the high air quality requirements, it is necessary to adopt such a roller blind primary effect filter, so for the factory It is a necessary equipment.

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