What are the maintenance points of the Nanjing single double air shower room

May 22, 2019 Industry News 210 views

As we all know, the maintenance of the environment is an indispensable part in the process of using the entire Nanjing single and double air shower room. If it is not well maintained, no matter how good the product is, no matter how expensive it is, it will be useless and will shorten the service life of the equipment. I believe that no matter which user it is, he does not want the air shower room he uses to have a short service life. Therefore, mastering the main points of maintenance and prolonging the service life is easy.

1. According to the actual usage and the cleanliness of the dust-free workshop, remove the primary filter regularly, clean it or install it directly with a new filter. In daily operation and use, once you find that the wind speed is slowly decreasing, you need to take out the primary filter to see if its appearance has darkened to increase the resistance. If there is too much dust filtered and the filter screen has been blocked, it means that there is more dust in the filter and there is a great resistance. The non-woven fabric in the filter needs to be removed for cleaning or replacement.

2. After replacing or cleaning the non-woven fabric, the wind speed cannot be restored to the original level, which means that the high efficiency filter has also been blocked, so that such a large resistance will be generated, and the high efficiency filter needs to be replaced.

3. When replacing, remove the whole plate with the spray ball in the middle to take out the high efficiency filter. According to the original filter specification and model, contact the manufacturer to order the same type of high efficiency filter for replacement.

4. During the installation process, pay attention to the airflow direction indicated by the arrow on the filter to determine the air inlet and outlet surfaces. Tighten the filter locking mechanism to ensure a good seal and prevent leakage.

5. After the high-efficiency filter is replaced, it is necessary to check whether there is any leakage in the frame, and use a dust particle counter to conduct a leakage test. After reaching the technical indicators, normal use can be resumed.

6. If the electrical circuit needs to be overhauled on a regular basis, once there is a fault, it will be repaired according to the electrical schematic diagram. Maintain the door so that the electronic lock is aligned with the key hole to avoid the lock pin from getting stuck.

7. The temperature used in this single-person double-air shower room cannot be above 50°C. Pay attention to the daily fire-proof and temperature-resistant work.

When using a single double blower shower room , you need to master the above maintenance points. When the filter needs to be replaced, replace the high-efficiency or primary-efficiency filter with a new one in time to reduce resistance, reduce damage to the air shower, and maximize the wind speed of the spray ball. In order to avoid any impact on the use of the air shower, it will become even worse.

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