What are the functions of Nanjing Fenglinmen?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 213 views

With the rapid development of industrialization, the requirements of various industries for cleanliness in operation are constantly improving. People’s awareness of health and environmental protection has also been significantly improved with environmental pollution and economic development, so there is no dust and no Bacterial operation and safe discharge have become the basic guidelines for many companies’ production, and at this time, it is indispensable for the protection of personnel and goods by the entry of Nanjing’s air shower.

The role of the Nanjing air shower door is to use a filter to filter out the air flow first, and then spray people and goods at all angles through the jet air flow to remove the dust and impurities that are carried by the people and goods, and then remove the dust and impurities After the air is filtered and filtered layer by layer, the order of entry and exit of the Nanjing air shower door is fixed, and the two types of doors cannot be opened while working, and the airtightness must be ensured.

Under normal circumstances, the installation position of the air shower room will be in the population position of the clean room to achieve the effect of primary filtration and disinfection. The air tightness must be ensured during the installation process. If the ventilation needs to be re-installed, the role of the air shower room is for the enterprise It is very large, especially for some similar food industries that have certain cleanliness requirements for the operating environment. Installing an air shower can greatly avoid product and equipment contamination and bacterial growth, and ensure product quality and safety. Therefore, enterprises with relevant requirements must install air showers according to the situation.

Nanjing Air Shower Door maintenance cycle needs to be set according to the time of use, if the frequency of use is very large, then you need to shorten the cycle, under normal circumstances need to be clear in less than 2 times the number of times a month or so, when, In addition, the system parameter setting of the air shower room needs to be handled by a dedicated person. Other workers and management personnel are not allowed to set it at will. The quality of the product and equipment is not only the quality of the equipment, but also the subsequent maintenance and maintenance.

Therefore, the production personnel usually need to operate in accordance with the instruction manual, and regularly maintain and maintain the Nanjing air shower , and solve the problem immediately without leaving any dangerous problems. In the event of a failure that cannot be solved, you need to contact the manufacturer’s after-sales service for repair. Do not disassemble it without permission.

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