What are the advantages of the automatic rolling curtain primary filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 202 views

We can see many kinds of dust removal filters in the market. I believe everyone has seen the primary effect filter, but many people may not know it very well. The main function of the automatic rolling-type primary effect filter is that we all know that it is Filters the air, but what are the advantages of this equipment? Why can it be widely used? Let’s analyze it for everyone below.

First, the price advantage is the most prominent. It is low in price and low in cost, and in terms of weight, it is not as heavy as other filters. It is very adaptable. It can be used in many areas and its structure is relatively flexible. So, relatively speaking, many industries Will be used.

Second, in terms of materials, the materials of the automatic rolling curtain primary filter include paper, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. There are many kinds of materials, and the filtering materials are also very diverse, including nylon , Metal, non-woven fabrics, etc., different filter materials can be selected according to different needs.

Third, the scope of application is also very wide, especially in HVAC. It is the effect of filtering in accordance with its price is very good, as long as the dust particles larger than 5 μ m can be filtered out through it, for some of the filter particles less demanding industries, it can fully meet the emission standards .

Fourth, the automatic rolling curtain type primary filter can be used as the first filtration process for dust removal and filtration of various manufacturers, providing the most basic service for other refined filters, which not only speeds up the filtration efficiency, but also improves the subsequent filtration. The equipment has a good protective effect, and the filtering effect is better.

The automatic rolling curtain type primary filter can not only be used as the pre-process of filtering and dust removal in ordinary production industries, but also can be used in office places, meeting space places, commercial places, medical places, airport subways and other areas. The scope of application is also expanding year by year. , I believe that in the near future, all walks of life will have its appearance.

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