Tianrui Precision Electronics signed our company's Ecolead stainless steel air shower contract

May 18, 2019 company news 281 views

Tianrui Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive joint-stock enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of relays. The company is located in Anhui, within the metropolitan economic circle one hour away from Nanjing, 40 kilometers away from Yangzhou City.

Tianrui strictly implements the quality assurance system in accordance with the ISO9000 quality system, and its products have successively passed safety certifications such as American “UL”, “C-UL”, German “TUV” and China “CQC”. The company occupies an area of 20,000 square meters, with a dust-free production plant of 5,200 square meters, has multiple advanced production lines, with an annual production capacity of 30 million relays, and designs and develops products according to the special needs of customers.
The company mainly produces relay products, strictly in accordance with the dust-free workshop for production and operation, so how is the air shower room applied in the relay industry? Xiaobian Rong, please elaborate on the use process of the entire air shower room:
1. After the air shower room is switched on and initialized, the magnetic door lock will lock the back door after power on, and set the air shower room blowing time to 10 seconds
2. The personnel open the door and enter the air shower room
1. An employee enters from the door, the photoelectric switch senses someone to enter and the air shower turns on, and the internal warning light starts to flash;
2. When entering multiple people before the door is closed, when entering 5 people, the front door warning light flashes to indicate that there are too many people. At the same time, adjust the air shower time (before the front door is opened to closed, the air shower time for the first person is 10 seconds)
3. The door closer closes the front door. After the sensor detects that the front door is closed, the front door will be locked by magnetism and the front door warning light flashes at the same time.
4. When the blowing time is up, the rear door is magnetically powered off to unlock the back door (the personnel need to walk out of the air shower room before the back door is closed. If there is no time to get out, the back door can be locked and the front door can be walked to the front door to trigger the induction to open the air shower. , And then walk out of the back door after the back door is unlocked)
5. After the personnel walked out of the air shower, the sensor detects that the back door is closed, unlocks the front door, and the front door indicator light goes out. At the same time, the back door is magnetically energized to lock the back door.
6. When entering 5 people or more, the air shower time is up for 10 seconds, the back door can be unlocked and you can walk out, people enter continuously, the front and rear doors are opened, and the air shower stays open at this time, until the last person enters 10 seconds after the air shower shut down

3. When a person opens the front door, the sensor triggers the air shower room to open, and walks out of the front door before the front door is closed. At this time, the air shower is turned on and the internal warning light flashes. When the door closer closes the front door, the front door is locked by magnetic attraction, and the front door is at the same time The warning light flashes and the back door is unlocked after the air shower time is up. You need to wait for 3 seconds before the internal reset program starts. The back door is locked by magnetic power and the front door is unlocked by power off.

Only in strict accordance with the blowing process of the air shower room can the control effect of the clean room cleanliness level be achieved.

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