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Stainless steel air shower room, double double air shower room, single double air shower room

Project introduction: The stainless steel air shower is used at the entrance of the relay production clean room workshop

Undertaking time: 2016.11

Name: Air shower room (also known as air shower room, air shower room, air shower door, air shower room, AIR SHOWER, air shower equipment, air shower machine, etc.) is a necessary passage for personnel to enter and exit the clean room. At the same time, it also serves as a buffer for the airlock chamber and is an effective device for dust removal and prevention of outdoor air pollution in the clean room. It is also a necessary equipment for personnel in the purification workshop.
Definition: In order to reduce the large amount of dust particles caused by the entry and exit of people, the clean air flow filtered by the high efficiency filter is sprayed on the person from all directions by the rotatable nozzle to effectively and quickly remove the dust particles. The primary and high-efficiency filters are filtered and recirculated to the air shower area.

Classification: The air shower room can be roughly divided into the following categories: single single air shower room, single double air shower room, single three air shower room, double double air shower room, triple double air shower room, air shower channel, Stainless steel air shower room, intelligent voice air shower room, automatic induction sliding door air shower room, L-shaped corner air shower room, uninterrupted air shower room, rolling door air shower room, cargo air shower room, explosion-proof air shower room, anti-static wind Shower room, water shower room, etc.

1. Dimensions (W*D*H): 1400mm*3000mm*2100mm; size of the air shower area (W*D*H): 800mm*2900mm*1960mm
2. Air shower nozzles: 360-degree rotatable embedded mirror stainless steel nozzles, 36 pieces, distributed on the left and right sides, and the blowing direction can be rotated;
3. Purification fan: dedicated purification centrifugal low-noise fan, 6 units, air volume: 2000 air volume/hour;
4. Blowing wind speed: blowing on both sides, 25-30m/s, high wind speed to ensure the blowing effect;
5. Blowing time: LED LCD blue screen displays the blowing time, (0-99s adjustable);
6. Control system: PLC system, the program can be customized according to requirements;
7. Control panel: control panel soft contact control switch, with keyboard concealed lock protection, which can effectively prevent employees from setting at will;
8. Photoelectric switch: Japan Omron (OMRON) photoelectric switch, model E3F3-R61, 12-24VDC power supply, automatic induction blowing, intelligent and warm Chinese voice prompt system;
9. Filtration efficiency: three-stage filtration, junior high-efficiency pre-filter 45% (5um), quantity 6, 600*350*10mm, can be cleaned and replaced, the primary filter is directly integrally punched by the main plate of the air shower room Complete, beautiful and strong, with high ventilation;
10. High efficiency filter 99.99% (0.3um) filtration efficiency, quantity 6 pieces, specification 600*600*120mm, the filter installation is flat and firm, there is no leak between the filter and the frame and the frame and the wall, the high efficiency filter EVA sealing strip is used to seal with the frame;
11. The main material of the box body: the inner and outer 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate baking varnish, the surface is made by pickling, phosphating, degreasing and rusting, and high temperature baking; (optional)
The main material of the box body: made of 1.2mm SUS304 stainless steel inside and outside, the surface is wire-drawn or broken, and is food-grade special. 304 stainless steel is widely used in elevator decoration and kitchen electrical products; (optional)
12. Sealing performance: fine production, beautiful and generous. The assembled structure is adopted, and the joints are required to be padded with sealing strips. After the overall equipment is installed, there is no internal light leakage or air leakage.
13. Double door: The material is all stainless steel (SUS304), the upper part is with 3C certified tempered glass window, the lower part is stainless steel flat processing, no uneven edges and corners, reducing dead corners; three 3MM thickness stainless steel hinges ensure that the door is strong and durable, and the door is combined with the door frame Flat, firm, beautiful, good sealing performance, flexible door opening. ;
14. Door closers: adopt German “Dorma” brand door closers, model: TS68, quantity 2, manual opening and automatic closing; (Note: Dorma door closers are special door closers for KFC stores in China)
15. Double-door electronic interlocking: two doors are locked at the same time during the air shower, and they cannot be opened before the time is up, to ensure that employees are forced to blow the shower; usually electronic interlocking, only one of the doors can be opened; the double-door electric lock is China Electric The first brand of control lock “Lixjian LCJ” EC200 type female electric mortise lock, quantity: 2 pairs;
16. Lighting: 1 embedded LED lighting lamp *2W, energy saving and environmental protection; lighting with delay function, which is smart, warm and energy-saving;
17. Power supply: 380V 50Hz (can customize 110V, 460V, 60Hz and other non-standard voltage and frequency air shower room for customers)
18. Electrical components: air switch: Schneider air switch DN63; contactor: Schneider contactor 5S-3510; thermal relay: Schneider thermal relay RS-25A; brand electrical components, air shower excellent quality guarantee;
19. Stainless steel handle: use Dongguan “Xinhongyuan” brand docking stainless steel handle, sturdy and durable; use American “Dow Corning” sealant for sealing, environmental protection and no odor;
20. Safety measures: A red “emergency stop” button is installed inside. Press the button in an emergency, and the two doors of the system can be opened at the same time to facilitate escape;
21. Power: 3.3Kw; Weight: about 950Kg
22. Applicable number: 3-4 (recommended standard number of people is 3)

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