Three main factors affecting the price of automatic rolling air filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 213 views

With the increase in air pollution in the winter of 2016 , various industries and industries have strictly implemented the new environmental protection policy. Domestic sewage treatment, exhaust gas VOC treatment and other industries have a sharp increase in the use of roller shutter air filters. Customers often ask how to design differently. , The price gap between different air volumes is so big, please listen to the editor’s detailed analysis below:

Factor 1: Roller shutter filter material

The choice of different materials for the rolling filter has a relatively large impact on the price of the material. The aluminum profile material has a sand surface oxidized surface treatment, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is the trend of material selection for automatic winding filters, but the price is also It is much more expensive than carbon steel paint. The price of the SUS304 material selected in some places with chemically corrosive components is relatively high. Of course, the most economical material is the cold-rolled steel plate paint. Customers can choose the most suitable material according to their own needs

Factor 2: Roller shutter filter control system

The control system is a component with a relatively large price gap between roller shutter filters. It ranges from ordinary manual control to PLC automatic control of well-known foreign brands, plus some high-level requirements such as remote control signal output and connection with superior PLC signals. The cost can vary from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the gap is very wide. It is also recommended that customers choose high-quality and low-cost control solutions. At present, some domestic PLCs have very good quality performance and high cost performance, and even have more powerful functions than foreign brands. They are more suitable for the function configuration of roller shutter filters and are our first choice. Control PLC brand.

Factor three: the air volume of the roller shutter filter

The air volume is the basis of our size selection, and it is also the factor that most affects the roller shutter filter. There is a big price gap between different sizes, after all, the cost of raw materials is directly proportional to the size. Generally, the quotation process of the winding filter of Nanjing Yixiou Company is to select the type according to the customer’s air volume, and then calculate the cost according to the size, and finally issue a formal drawing and quotation for the customer to confirm. Customers should design a reasonable wind speed according to the ventilation air volume requirements of their own equipment, and finally design a reasonable roller shutter filter size to reach the expected wind speed. Of course, you must not deliberately reduce the size in order to save the budget. After all, the life of the frame of the automatic roller shutter filter will be shortened when it is operated for a long time in an environment with high wind speed. In particular, in some cases of improper customer design, the overall frame has been deformed. Case. Moreover, the wind speed is too high, and the interception of air particles is not used, and the filtering effect is greatly reduced.

The above is a brief analysis of the factors that affect the price of the roller shutter filter. The focus is on guiding customers to choose the configuration and size according to their needs, and find the most suitable automatic roller shutter filter product for their own use.

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