The skyrocketing of raw materials has caused the profit of the air filter industry to shrink extremely

May 22, 2019 Industry News 203 views

Since September 016 , the intensified price increase storm has been surging. The price increase in upstream coal, steel, paper and other industries has caused a fatal blow to the environment of intermediate industrial products. With the increase in transportation costs and environmental governance and production restrictions, air purification has been added. The real economy of the industry is seriously threatened. According to relevant media data reports, the main materials used in the air filter industry: plastics increased by 30% , aluminum prices increased by 30% , steel prices increased by 30% , stainless steel prices increased by 40% , freight prices increased by 30% , industrial paper was also bought with money If it’s not there, the delivery time of the air filter packaging carton is unrestrictedly delayed, which affects the delivery time and customer reputation.

The survival of the real economy of air filters is in a very bad state. A large number of air filter and purification equipment manufacturers in the same industry are involved in the vortex of crazy price increases and are struggling. On the one hand, the price of raw materials has risen wildly. On the other hand, the purchase price of customers has continued to fall. Most of the companies that purchase filters and purification equipment are also production-oriented companies. Due to budget and cost considerations, the purchase price continues to fall, and various filter companies are in order to maintain their operations. , To feed the workers, earn the most basic expenses, and compete to drop prices to grab orders, staged a sad “order grab” show.

The increase in the price of raw materials cannot be controlled as an individual. I can only call on customers and peers to maintain a pure land in the air filter industry. Everyone can overcome difficulties together, and cannot conduct business transactions without a bottom line and without ethics, and manufacture low-quality and cheap garbage products, destroying the whole Industry reputation affects the overall industry status.

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