The second phase of Wenzhou Xipian Sewage Treatment Plant selects Nanjing Yixiou Ecolead automatic winding filter

May 18, 2019 company news 303 views

With the rapid development of Wenzhou’s economy and the continuous advancement of urbanization, the amount of urban sewage discharge has continued to increase, and the pollution load has also increased. For a long time, due to the serious lag in the construction of the sewage system in the western region, most of the sewage in this area was directly discharged into the Oujiang River without treatment, causing serious water pollution and worsening, which seriously affected the industrial and agricultural production, the city’s environmental sanitation and the people. To be healthy, improve the quality of the water environment as soon as possible. The first phase of the Wenzhou Xipian Sewage Treatment Plant is already in overload operation. In order to deal with the new sewage in Wenzhou urban area in a timely manner, further improve the quality of the urban water environment, and promote the sustainable economic and social development of Wenzhou, the Development and Reform Commission agreed to approve the second phase of the Wenzhou Xipian Sewage Treatment Plant. The project owner is Wenzhou Chuangyuan Water Co., Ltd. The service scope of Wenzhou Xipian Wastewater Treatment Plant includes Quxi, Guoxi, Panqiao, Louqiao, Xinqiao, Shuangyu, Yangyi, Xijiao and other areas. The service area covers an area of 96.87km2, starting from Jiushan Road in the east, west of Shuixin residential area (north of Tanghe), Niushan Line, west to Oujiang Bridge and Juxi, south from Ouhai and Ruian junction, and north to Ou Waterfront. It mainly includes four sewage systems in Xijiao, Shuangyu, Yangyi and Sanxi. At present, Wenzhou City is carrying out the construction and renovation project of the sewage trunk system in the west, with two new pumping stations and four sewage trunk pipes measuring 15,369 meters. The sewage pipe network has basically formed and is gradually improving.

The construction site of the project is located within the factory area of the Xipian Sewage Treatment Plant in Wenzhou City (No. 38-1, Wanershan Road, East Side of Woqi, Shuangyu Town, Lucheng District). The planned land area for the second phase is 9564.4 square meters, which is reserved for the original factory area.

The main construction content of the project is to add 150,000 tons of sewage treatment capacity per day. Sewage treatment adopts modified circulating activated sludge method (CAST) process. After being concentrated and dehydrated, the sludge is transported to Wenzhou Hongze Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd. in the Binhai Park of Wenzhou Economic Development Zone for dry incineration and harmless treatment. The tail water discharge implements the “Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant Pollutant Discharge Standard” (GB18918-2002) level B standard.

At present, the project purchases 4 sets of our company’s automatic rolling curtain air filters, which are used to filter the air blower and protect the blower to work stably for a long time. It is recommended to choose the standard automatic rolling curtain air filter of Nanjing Yixiou Technology for the air filter of the blower of the sewage treatment plant. It is a wise choice for many domestic sewage treatment plants.

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