The role of Nanjing stainless steel air shower in the food industry

May 22, 2019 Industry News 230 views

People’s lives are inseparable from clothing, food, housing and transportation. Among the four items, food is indeed the most important. Food is the most important thing for the people. Food safety is very important. In recent years, food safety issues have been paid attention to by all countries. Gradually increasing, the food safety regulation requirements in the food production process are also getting higher and higher. Clean and hygienic is the most basic requirement for food. Nanjing stainless steel air shower is an important equipment in food production.

The food production and processing environment is generally a relatively humid environment, so bacteria are easy to breed in the air. If you do not choose the corresponding sterilization method, the food will be quickly contaminated. At present, many companies are equipped with Nanjing stainless steel air shower. Dust removal and sterilization purification equipment such as the room.

Because stainless steel does not rust and prevents secondary pollution of equipment, it has also become the first choice for dust removal assembly for many companies. To enter a safe and clean food production workshop, you must pass through the clean room. The stainless steel air shower is the only way to enter the clean room. , It can eliminate dust and particles on personnel and materials, and can reduce environmental pollution in the food operation room. Moreover, it plays a highly effective filtering role, and can take away the pollutants of people and goods under the high-efficiency spray, ensuring the first-level safety and sanitation of the clean room. Moreover, it is anti-corrosion, so the scope of dust removal gas is wider, and the gas selectivity is also greater.

With the continuous improvement of production technology, the requirements for food safety and hygiene are getting higher and higher. In the food industry, stainless steel air showers play a very important role and are widely used. They are used in all kinds of food processing workshops. Its existence, it is welcomed by enterprises for its anti-corrosion and high-efficiency dust removal effect. The stainless steel air shower room is also in continuous development, from the most basic manual air shower room to the current automatic air shower room. In the future, the development results of the company will involve more and more fields, and the functions will become more and more abundant. I believe it will exist in many fields.

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