The role of clean shed

May 22, 2019 Industry News 304 views

We all know that dust and other impurities will affect the quality of electronic components and film products. In order to improve the yield of products, clean rooms appear.

However, in the 100-level clean room with the highest level, the junior high-efficiency filter in the ventilation system cannot completely filter out the dust, and the accumulation will add up to some demanding products. Therefore, we need to add clean sheds to the production lines or equipment of these products.

Nanjing Yixiou’s clean shed is to filter the air in the clean room through a high-efficiency filter again and send it to the production area. According to the cleanliness requirements of the workshop, the clean shed is divided into ten thousand, thousand, and hundred grades, with the lowest grade of ten thousand, the highest grade of hundred, and the most common one is grade thousand.

Because the top and four sides of the Nanjing clean shed (Nanjing Yixiou) are closed, the bottom of the side is left blank about 10cm high, and the FFU at the top continues to work downwards to supply air, which causes the air pressure in the clean shed to be greater than the outside air pressure. The dust will not enter the clean shed, and to a certain extent, reduce the dust and dust generated in the clean shed due to frequent entry and exit of personnel.

The ceiling of the clean room is usually higher, and the height of the FFU configured in the clean shed to the production equipment is much lower than the height of the air outlet on the ceiling to the production equipment. Obvious airflow can be felt, which can blow away the dust. The cleanliness of the local production area is greatly improved, and the product yield is naturally improved.

In addition, if you want to improve the cleanliness level of the existing clean shed, you can increase the top FFU specialized in Nanjing Yixiou; if you want to move the equipment in the clean shed or add equipment, move the Nanjing Yixiou clean shed or FFU. Yes, it is convenient and flexible.

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