The purpose and characteristics of the hundred-class clean shed

May 22, 2019 Industry News 236 views

Class 100 clean shed is a simple clean room that is simple, quick and easy to build, with low investment cost, and the construction effect is no different from that of a clean room. It also has a variety of cleanliness grades to choose from, and can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs. So what are the uses and characteristics of the clean shed? Look at the following analysis:
Class 100 clean shed is a kind of flexible, easy to install, short construction period and convenient to move. Partial additions can also be made according to the working environment required by a general-grade clean room to reduce costs, so as to achieve the cleanliness required for work, and is beautiful and overall. Generally, stainless steel, sprayed plastic, and industrial materials can be used as the overall frame. The top is used for unit air supply, and the surrounding is surrounded by anti-static curtains or glass partitions. It is a clean equipment with strict environmental requirements for modern technology. It is also used in pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, food processing, liquid crystals and other places where local purification is required.
Features of the 100-class clean shed:
1. The frame structure design is convenient for installation, can be used for secondary use, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.
2. The top module structure uses high-efficiency filters to improve cleanliness, with strong scalability and high value for repeated use.
3. Adopt low-noise fan system with long service life and stable performance.
4. Sectional speed regulation of the governor can ensure the desired ideal state.
5. The bottom is equipped with universal wheels, which is convenient for positioning, flexible movement and convenient operation.
6. It has a good effect on improving the efficacy of the product. Thereby improving the production quality of products.
7. Compared with the clean workbench, the 100-class clean shed has a larger internal available space, but compared to the clean room, the cost is lower and it is convenient for combined installation.
8. In the selection of the hundred-level clean shed, a pressure difference meter can be installed to understand the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet surfaces of the filter, and to know the replacement time of the filter in time.
In short, the Class 100 clean shed is a kind of clean equipment that can provide clean ambient air locally. It is mainly composed of fans, air filters, lamps, etc. The shell is made of plastic spraying. The one-hundred-level clean shed can be hung and supported on the ground, which is more convenient to use. It can be used not only individually but also in multiple assemblies.

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