The first choice for air conditioning fresh air filtration and textile mill return air filtration-Nanjing Yixiou automatic rolling curtain air filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 230 views

Nanjing Yixiou Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of automatic rolling curtain air filters. Rolling curtain filters are a kind of primary air dust removal equipment that automatically replaces filter materials. It has the advantages of simple structure, low investment and convenient use. It can be used in various air intake purification places, and it is especially suitable for the primary air purification of the large air volume and large area air intake system, which can greatly reduce the labor maintenance cost and has significant economic benefits.

Roll-up air filters are also called automatic roller blinds, roller-blind filter cotton, roller-blinds, reel-type air filters, air filters, reel-type filters, roller-blind filter materials . According to the control type, the automatic roller shutter filter can be divided into automatic type, semi-automatic type (manual control automatic winding) or fully manual roller shutter filter.

The filter cotton of the automatic rolling curtain air filter adopts a special covered filter material, and the structure is mostly arranged in a density gradient combination. It has excellent ventilation and dust removal capabilities, low resistance, high strength, stable chemical performance, high temperature resistance, and non-toxic and odorless , No volatility, easy to operate

1. Application place of Ecolead automatic rolling curtain air filter
1. The filter section of the primary system of the air conditioning and ventilation section.
2. Working environment where the content of dust particles is high and the filter material needs to be replaced frequently.
3. Operating system with unstable air volume.
4. The pre-filter section of the centralized air-conditioning ventilation system of the clean room.
5. Ventilation system of general industrial plant.

6. Automatic winding filter system for automobile manufacturing plants, steel plants, plastic plants, petrochemical plants, etc.

7. Automatic volume filter system for commercial buildings, underground railways, air stations, art galleries, hospitals, etc.

2. Features of Ecolead automatic rolling curtain air filter
1. Professional manufacturing and full quality inspection Nanjing Yixiou Company is a professional manufacturer of purification equipment, with experienced designers and professional testing methods. In addition, we strictly implement the ISO9000 quality assurance system, and implement a full inspection system before leaving the factory to ensure product performance and quality.
2. Reliable performance and easy maintenance
Ecolead wrap-around filter is designed to work reliably, and the filter material is easy to replace. It has been proven through several years of use in many sewage treatment plants, metallurgical and petrochemical enterprises across the country.
3. Multi-polarization filtration efficiency. According to the requirements of customers for filtration efficiency, Ecolead roller shutter primary efficiency filter cotton can be divided into G3, G4, F5, F6 different grades of efficiency to choose from, and it can also be separated from the bag filter. The plate and the non-partition high efficiency filter form a multi-stage air filter assembly, which can achieve a filtration accuracy of up to 0.3μm dust particles and an ultra-high filtration efficiency of 99.995%.
4. Reusable filter cotton
Nanjing Yixi’s Ecolead automatic winding filter cotton is made of organic synthetic fiber or glass fiber by compression and winding. The structure is mostly in density gradient arrangement and combination. The filter material has a strong woven net on the air outlet surface, which is not easy to change; super strong The elastic fiber structure will not compress the filter materials together to affect the dust holding capacity due to the large wind resistance; the special adhesive is sprayed on the filter cotton to strengthen the dust catching ability; the temperature can withstand 120 ℃, the filter cotton has a long life, no need Frequent replacement reduces costs. After the dirty filter material is replaced, it can be regenerated and reused through the dust blowing air gun or the compressor back blowing. For the large-area ventilation and dust removal system with large usage and high replacement frequency, it will undoubtedly greatly save the later operating costs. It is suitable for the wrap-around air filter that can automatically renew the filter material, and can be used with all other manufacturers’ equipment.

3. The principle of Ecolead automatic winding air filter. When dust-containing air passes through the fiber filter material, it will stay in the fiber layer. As the dust accumulates in the fiber layer, the air intake resistance increases, resulting in a slight pressure difference. The sensor will convert it into a sensing signal according to the set resistance value, automatically control the starting motor, and automatically wind and update the filter material, so that the filter always maintains a normal low resistance state, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the ventilation system.

Four, Ecolead automatic winding type air filter specification
The winding filter can be customized to any size width according to customer needs, and it needs to be spliced if it exceeds 2.1 meters. It can be spliced into a whole ventilated filter wall without intervals. The highest successful case at present can reach 6m , which is applied to the foundry workshop of BMW Brilliance Shenyang Engine Plant.

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