The double air shower room purchased by Jiangsu Rentian Food Co., Ltd. was delivered smoothly

May 18, 2019 company news 325 views

Application of air shower room in food cold chain logistics and food preservation storage industry- Jiangsu Rentian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Air shower room, air shower room, blowing shower room, air shower door, dust bath room, blowing shower room…The design scheme can be assembled into various lengths of air shower rulers according to actual needs. 1400 standard technical parameters air shower room :
Project Single double blowing air shower room Double double blowing air shower room Multi person double blowing air shower Outdoor dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 1400×1000×2180 1400×2000×2180 1400×3000×2180
Internal dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 790×930×1910 790×1930×1910 790×2930×1910
Suitable number 1-2 people 2-4 people 3-6 people

Jiangsu Rentian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rentian Technology”) was established in 2015. It is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, which is known as the “Ancient Capital of the Six Dynasties”. Hereinafter referred to as “Fresh and Frozen Technology”) as the core value, with industrial bases, health food industrial parks, and healthcare industry investment as the core business, and is committed to applying the fresh and frozen technology to the industry and promoting the development of agricultural technology.

As an agricultural science and technology company, Ren Tian has formed strategic partnerships with many domestic professional scientific research institutions and universities such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, China Farmer University, Beijing Agricultural College, and established its own Agricultural Science Research Institute and Fresh Live micro-frozen fresh-keeping technology research and development center. The result of continuous investment in the field of scientific and technological innovation is that Rentian Technology has successfully invented the internationally leading and domestically original “fresh frozen technology” core technology, and has core competitiveness in the fields of food preservation technology and cold chain logistics.

In the food industry chain, the preservation of freshness is directly related to food safety. The patent “Fresh Frozen Technology” owned by Rentian Technology overcomes the problem of preservation and solves the problem of both deliciousness and long-term preservation of food. It has won the highest evaluation in the world. The principle of “Fresh Frozen Technology” is to prevent the cell membrane of the frozen food from being cracked, and the organism is in a slightly frozen state, thereby preserving the organism. Specifically, it uses high-tech biotechnology to simulate a controllable and rapid cooling natural environment in the fresh freezer. The ice crystallization state of the postgraduate object under low temperature conditions, the application of the newly invented fresh frozen liquid of pure natural ingredients, is Fresh fruits, vegetables and meat adopt an innovative freezing curve, which is directly frozen in the fresh freezing liquid, so that the temperature of the product reaches minus 7 degrees without freezing.

In this way, fresh and slightly frozen fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, and meat products can still maintain their fresh quality after long-term storage and transportation, which solves the problem of safe preservation in the circulation, processing, and sales of agricultural products. As the core technology of Rentian Technology, “Fresh Frozen Technology” has reached the current international leading level in the field of food preservation.

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