The difference between the roller shutter filter and the traditional filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 226 views

The listing of roller shutter filters undoubtedly brings good news to the environment for enterprises, not only solving the time-consuming and labor-intensive work problems in enterprise work, but also solving a major problem of environmental pollution, bringing people green hills and greens. Water, compared with the traditional filter, in which aspects are it different? This should also be the issue that everyone is most concerned about. Let us take a look today.

First, compared with traditional filters, a roll of filter material is mailed in the upper box of the roller blind filter, which avoids the frequent disassembly, cleaning and installation of traditional filters, saves manpower, and does not need to stop during cleaning. The machine greatly improves the work efficiency. Of course, on the basis of not affecting the work efficiency and service life, under normal circumstances, the filter material can be replaced for half a year or even longer.

Second, because there is no need for frequent disassembly, washing and installation, it greatly reduces the cost of later operation and maintenance, and at the same time can reduce the use of some staff. For those companies that are currently in short supply but have high requirements for use, winding filters It is undoubtedly the best choice, saving manpower and financial resources.

Third, most of the winding filters use fully automated design, simple operation and easy to control. Due to the existence of the central control system, most of the operations can not be implemented at the first site, and there is no need for staff to frequently go to the site for maintenance. , Which greatly improves the efficiency of work.

Fourth, due to the reason that it does not need to be disassembled frequently, the roller shutter filter is particularly suitable for applications in environments with particularly high dust content. Of course, it is suitable for various occasions.

Although the initial investment of the roller shutter filter is relatively large, its design is flexible, and the size can be designed according to the user’s own needs. At the same time, its structure is simple, easy to install, and high safety performance. Perhaps this is the roller shutter type. Filters can stand out among the many filters. Although there are disadvantages, the advantages cannot be ignored.

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