The charm of the explosion-proof automatic roller shutter filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 203 views

Filters have gradually come into people’s sight, and the production of various filters is constantly adapting to the development of the times. One of the explosion-proof automatic rolling shutter filters has come out quietly, and every new thing must have it. The reasons for this new filter are under what background and what kind of charm does this filter have? Let us reveal one by one below.

Explosion refers to a matter that undergoes physical or chemical changes from one state to another state and releases huge amounts of energy. This kind of energy has huge destructive power, and its production requires three conditions, namely, explosive substances, oxygen, and ignition sources (electric spark, mechanical spark, high temperature, etc.), all of which are indispensable. In special industries with high dust content such as petroleum and chemical industries, all electrical products used must be explosion-proof, and filters are naturally no exception, so the explosion-proof automatic roller shutter filter was born.

The explosion-proof automatic winding filter is mainly composed of filter material and explosion-proof system. Its working principle is the same as that of ordinary winding filters. The main difference lies in the installation of the explosion-proof system, which is safer. The explosion-proof level is Eexd IIBT4, and the protection level is IP55, materials include high-quality cold-rolled steel paint, aluminum profile and SUS304, strong structure, can meet the harshest working environment. For environments with high dust content, it can not only filter and remove pollutants, but also play a role in explosion protection. In addition, the maximum surface temperature of the equipment is 135°C, which can extend its working life.

Moreover, the explosion-proof automatic winding filter can not only purify the air, but also has the dual effect of explosion-proof. For some environments that contain flammable and explosive ingredients or extremely high dust content, it is necessary to use this filter. It can ensure the freshness of the air and at the same time ensure the safety of people’s lives and properties.

Under special environmental conditions, the explosion-proof automatic winding filter is required to play its dual functions of cleaning and explosion-proof.

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