The characteristics of Nanjing clean shed and product configuration matters

May 22, 2019 Industry News 211 views

Nanjing dust-free shed is also called clean shed. Simply put, it is a simple clean room with low investment cost and remarkable effect. Adding a higher-level clean shed in a general-level clean room can significantly reduce operating costs and significantly improve the filtration level of purification equipment. It can be suspended or supported on the ground, easy to use, quick to install, can also be connected and assembled for use, and can be moved.

  The characteristics of Nanjing dust-free shed

1. Assembled design, convenient installation and short delivery period.

2. It is convenient to move and can be assembled with universal wheels.

3. Modular structure, easy to improve the level of air purification, strong scalability, and high reuse value.

4. Compared with the clean workbench, the internal use space is large, the cost is lower than the traditional clean room, the construction is faster, and the requirements for the height of the floor are low.

5. The whole body can be composed of different materials such as steel plate sprayed, aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and it is light in weight, high in corrosion resistance, high in rust resistance, beautiful and generous.

6. The adjustable air volume system is adopted to ensure that the working area is in an ideal state.


7. It is suitable for any ultra-clean production line, and it is more convenient and spacious to use by multiple people.

  Product preparation matters of Nanjing dust-free shed

1. Frame selection: stainless steel is used as the frame for beautiful appearance, no rust, stable use, and dust-free production. With sprayed square tube as the frame, the investment is relatively small, but the same supporting effect can be achieved.

2. Anti-static: Use anti-static vertical curtains or tempered glass around, which not only has good anti-static effect, high visibility, but also does not deform and is not easy to age.

3, FFU fan filter: backward curved centrifugal fan, not only prolong life, low noise, vibration and maintenance. The quality of the fan is also reliable, and the working life is long. The unique image of the air duct design greatly improves the efficiency of the fan and reduces the noise. Especially suitable for areas with high levels of purification inside the workshop.

4. The internal lighting fixture adopts professional clean room teardrop lamp, which satisfies the lighting requirements very well, and conforms to the clean room specifications, easy to wipe and not easy to produce dust.

    In short, the FFU fan of the Nanjing dust-free shed sucks in air from the top, initially passes through the primary filter and high efficiency filter, and the filtered air is evenly sent out to the purification shed through the entire air outlet. Make the air flow in a one-way vertical direction, so that the working area can meet the required cleanliness, lighting, temperature and humidity requirements.


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