The air shower room creates an efficient way to clean

May 22, 2019 Industry News 189 views

With the increasing economic level today, people’s requirements for the quality of life and work are also getting higher and higher. Especially in some areas that need to be cleaned, it is necessary to follow the air shower, which can effectively reduce the pollution problem and bring a clean effect. The following introduces this equipment from various aspects.
1. A brief introduction to the air shower room The air shower room is a very powerful purification equipment, based on the principle of blowing and adsorbing dust on the surface of things or people, open the air valve of the equipment, and spray out through a series of air shower nozzles. The strong wind cleaned by the filtration method takes away the polluting particles, so as to achieve the cleaning effect and the performance is very good.
2. Types of air shower rooms The air shower rooms are divided according to different methods, materials, etc., and the types are also different. For example, there are the following common types:
1. According to different classifications of users, it can be divided into human shower room, cargo shower room, air shower channel and cargo shower channel.
2. Divided according to different materials: steel plate air shower room, color steel plate air shower room, stainless steel air shower room, stainless steel air shower room inside the outer steel plate, stainless steel air shower room inside the outer color plate.
3. Divided according to different blowing methods: top blowing shower room, single single and double blowing shower room, single three blowing shower room, double double blowing shower room and so on.
3. The main application direction of the air shower room The air shower room is mainly used in high-tech production plants, because high-tech products have high requirements on their own quality, and the fine particles carried by people themselves can easily affect the quality of the products. At this time, they need to be staff Purify particulate pollutants and reduce the unqualified rate of products. The design of the air shower is moving towards diversification and convenience, and your choices will be more comprehensive.
Everyone should know about this cleaning master air shower room. The specification of the air shower room is also determined according to your own needs. High-efficiency cleaning methods can improve the quality of life and production. Of course, you must look for it when you choose. Professional companies purchase so as to ensure quality.

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