Technical specification for bidding of rolling curtain air filter for air inlet of suction room of blower room of sewage treatment plant

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The technical requirements for bidding of the Ecolead automatic winding coarse air filter of Nanjing Yixiou are as follows:

Install a roller blind filter at the total inlet duct of the blower system of the sewage treatment plant to filter the air with initial efficiency. The design filter air volume is not less than 1.3 times the design total air volume, and the design passing wind speed is less than 2m/s , the maximum Allowable resistance ≤150Pa , filtration efficiency above 2 microns, above 85% , and automatic winding and automatic alarm display functions.

A technical requirements and materials

Ecolead automatic winding type coarse air filter 3 sets

Single set of processing air volume: more than 32400 m3/h

Filtration speed: 1.5 2.0 m/s

Filtration efficiency:

For dust particles> 1μm , the counting efficiency η≈55

For dust particles> 2μm , the counting efficiency η≈86 %

For dust particles> 5μm , the counting efficiency η≈90 %

For dust particles> 8μm , the counting efficiency η≈95 %

Material: carbon steel

Anti-corrosion measures: spray plastic. The surface of carbon steel is treated in accordance with the national standard: HG/T2597-94 , pickled, degreasing, and phosphating. The material used for the topcoat is polyester epoxy with a thickness of 50-70μm .

B working principle of automatic winding air filter

When the air containing dust passes through the filter, the dust is blocked in the fiber layer of the filter material. When the resistance of the fiber layer increases to the upper limit pressure difference due to agglomeration of dust, the automatic control system starts to start the motor, automatically winds to replace the clean filter material, and the filter remains in the normal resistance state, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the ventilation system.

C control principle

The roller shutter air filter of Nanjing Yixiou Company has two control methods:

a. Manual control method:

The user can change the filter material by pressing the motor start switch at any time according to the site conditions.

b. Using differential pressure control method:

The principle is: set value is reached by the differential pressure before and after the filter ceiling (260pa ~ 300 pa), micro-differential pressure sensor outputs a signal to control the motor starts, the clean replacement filter. When the differential pressure reaches the set lower limit ( 60pa ~ 80pa ), the differential pressure sensor outputs a signal to control the motor to stop working. The control system is equipped with a material end alarm signal. (When the clean filter material in the upper box is about to be used up, the limit controller sends an electric signal to the alarm, and the alarm buzzes to notify the replacement of the new material.) And the equipment alarm signal, fault signal, and operating signal should be sent to the system PLC .

D Ecolead wrap-around air filter scope of supply

1 set of complete equipment, each set includes:

a. On the box:

It is used to store clean filter materials. The filter materials are drawn out from the bottom of the box for easy operation. The box body is equipped with a limit plate to activate the limit controller and increase the friction force on the filter material roll stored in the upper box to prevent the filter material from falling off the roll due to its own weight. When the new material roll is loaded, the material roll is required to be regular In order to avoid deflection, ventilation and other phenomena during operation, which will affect the filtration efficiency . The top collision position of the limit plate should be adjusted accurately before use to avoid premature alarm or loss of effect. δ can be adjusted to the compression thickness of 1 to 2 layers of filter media. .

b. Lower box:

It is used to store the contaminated filter material. There are feeding rollers, transmission shafts, sprocket wheels, couplings, and pressure plates for tightening the filter materials. The unloading roller has an elastic shaft head, which can shorten and extend the shaft, so the filter material can be easily replaced.

c. Column:

Connecting parts of upper box and lower box

d. Blocking column:

It is connected with the column as a whole, supports the filter material under negative pressure, and makes the filter material form a plane to effectively block the dust in the air.

e. Press bar:

When the resistance of the filter material is greater than the set value, the filter material can move between the stop bar and the press bar; the press bar can prevent the displacement of the filter material caused by the return air of the fan.

f. Filter material:

Polypropylene fiber is selected as the filter medium, which has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, large dust holding capacity, and good air permeability. The structure is mostly in a density gradient arrangement. This chemical fiber composite material has good comprehensive performance of ventilation and dust removal, high strength, and temperature resistance. , Good chemical stability, etc.

g. Transmission mechanism:

When the filter material is blocked by the dust in the atmosphere and cannot meet the requirements of use, the differential pressure sensor sends a signal to the control box, and the transmission mechanism starts the filter material and automatically winds and replaces the filter material until the initial resistance reaches the set value.

h. Automatic control box:

The automatic control box is composed of push-button switches, AC contactors, time relays, differential pressure sensors, automatic/manual transfer switches and other components. The wall-mounted cabinet makes installation more convenient.

The above are the general technical requirements for environmental protection engineering companies and blower manufacturers in the sewage treatment industry to purchase Nanjing Yixiou Roller Blind Air Filters. The editor will organize and publish them for reference by relevant parties.

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