Talking about the transportation and packaging of the coiled air filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 174 views

Coiled air filters are widely used in sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, waste gas treatment plants and other major factories, involving a wide range of industries, so the scope of use is also very broad, so its transportation and packaging costs are also very high Therefore, for many companies, how to save transportation and packaging costs has become a very difficult problem for companies. The following editor will give you some suggestions on transportation and packaging for your reference.

The volume of the coiled air filter is a large-scale equipment. Its volume ranges from 1 cubic meter to less than 10 cubic meters. In view of the geographical differences between the production enterprises and the demanding enterprises, the cost of shipping, transportation and packaging has become a problem for both parties. In fact, for the transportation of large items, it is all carried out by freight, but the freight process is unavoidable. Therefore, the packaging problem needs to be solved urgently.

We suggest that all coiled air filters should be packaged in wooden boxes, because wooden box packaging is more practical, and it is especially suitable for items that are afraid of collisions, and wooden packaging will improve the humidity of the air to a certain extent. Because the equipment encounters rain and atmosphere during transportation, the water ingress and humidity increase affect the performance of the equipment, and some serious ones can also cause the equipment to rust and damage the parts. Therefore, it is recommended to use wooden box packaging to achieve two goals. For transportation, automobile transportation is more adopted. Firstly, the delivery cycle is short, and secondly, the short cycle will cause less environmental impact on the equipment on the road, so the damage to the equipment will be less.

The transportation and packaging of the coiled air filter can not be ignored. The quality of the packaging directly affects the performance of the equipment. If the air filter is damaged, the air filtration will be incomplete, so sewage treatment and waste gas treatment will not be achieved. The required standards are not beneficial to the enterprise and the overall social environment. Therefore, both transportation agencies and consignment companies must pay attention to transportation and packaging. Ensure that the life and interests of enterprises and the general public are not harmed.


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