Talking about the packaging problems of rolling curtain air filters, air showers, clean sheds and other purification equipment

May 16, 2019 Industry News 200 views

The purification equipment products produced by our company, including air showers, transfer windows, workbenches, winding filters, etc., are all large in size, ranging from 1-2 square meters, and winding air filters are 5-6 square meters. Each party is shipped in whole pieces, and shipped all over the country, especially the roller shutter filters are sent to the relatively remote sewage treatment plants in the central and western regions, and the waste gas treatment plants are mainly packaged in wooden boxes, which are suitable for long distances. Transportation and can adapt to the requirements of climate change, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, rust-proof, and rough handling resistance. For any loss caused by poor packaging, or any rust damage caused by inadequate or improper protective measures , our company shall bear all costs and losses arising therefrom.

Our customers often confide that the pallets and cartons of other manufacturers’ air showers, transfer windows, or other purification equipment are intact when they are received, but when they are opened for installation, they found that some parts are slightly deformed or The paint drop phenomenon affects the appearance of the entire equipment. If you directly install and worry about the installation, you are worried about the appearance of the product. The owner refuses to accept the inspection, the return or repair has passed the statute of quality complaints, and the supplier cannot provide logistics. The company claims.

The packaging process of Nanjing Yixiou purification equipment :

1. When the equipment is produced and ready for loading, clean the inner and outer boxes first to prevent other pollutants and dust from adhering to the surface of the product.

2. Secondly, wrap the corners and corners of the box with kraft paper , which is easy to rub, which is suitable for long-distance cargo to reduce collisions.

3. The whole is wrapped with stretch film layer by layer , which can effectively reduce the rainy days of the freight , avoid the penetration of water, and prevent the entry of dust and liquids

4. Bind the purification equipment in a wooden box, and fix the key parts with limit wooden strips to prevent the goods from moving during long-distance transportation.

5. Use thickened plastic-steel packing straps to fix the box body and the bottom tray to prevent collision and dumping during transportation.

5. The air shower room is suitable for general transportation. It must not be placed sideways, impacted or collided during transportation, and it is best to keep it flat.

6. After the air shower arrives at the destination, open the box for inspection as soon as possible to see if the parts are damaged due to transportation. If damage is found, you should tell the logistics company or the delivery driver, and indicate the relevant on the delivery note. Happening.

7. The packaged air shower room should be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse with a relative humidity of no more than 85% . There should be no acidic, alkaline and other corrosive gases in the surrounding air.

Although the packaging and transportation of the air shower is a complicated process, if you choose a regular air shower company, you can ensure the safety of the air shower, winding air filter and other equipment.

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