Talking about the advantages of Nanjing automatic door air shower

May 22, 2019 Industry News 206 views

China’s industrialization is developing very rapidly. Many industries will require aseptic and dust-free operations. Production operations with high cleanliness requirements will be equipped with dust-free channels, especially for workers entering the studio. It is very important, so many companies are equipped with Nanjing air shower room . Now there are many types of air shower room. Nanjing automatic door air shower room is one of the more advanced and widely used ones. So

First, the advantage of the automatic induction door air shower room lies in the automatic induction. When people or goods enter the air shower room, the automatic induction device will be activated, and the induction detects that there is material entering, so the signal will be transmitted to the intelligent control. Then the intelligent control system will start to run other systems, and then complete the spray operation, and the current automatic sensor door air shower room will operate at different angles, and the dust removal effect is good.

Second, the automatic induction door air shower room can play a good role in avoiding the situation that some people who are short of time enter and forget to open the air shower. Moreover, there is no need to manually open the door, which also reduces the introduction of bacterial impurities to the door handle, thus reducing the increase of pollution sources.

Third, it is more convenient. If there are other goods in the hands of the personnel, the door can be opened without placing the goods underground during the passing process, which greatly facilitates the operation and saves time. Therefore, the automatic induction door air shower room has many advantages compared with the traditional manual door, the most prominent is that it is convenient and fast.

Whether it is an automatic door or a manual door air shower room, they use high-speed air flow to remove dust particles and bacteria from human clothes or shoes and hats, preventing the entry of pollution sources, and meeting the operating specifications for dust and bacteria removal. , It greatly improves the quality of commodities, and helps a lot in the aseptic operation of later commodities. It is the necessary equipment for many of our companies’ aseptic and dust-free operations, so the choice of automatic induction door air shower room and manual door induction air shower room in Nanjing can be made according to their own conditions.

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