Solutions to common faults in Nanjing air shower

May 22, 2019 Industry News 181 views

The function of the air shower room is self-evident. During the dust-free operation, the Nanjing air shower room serves as the necessary passage for the workshop production personnel and goods to enter the dust-free workshop. It needs to perform air shower on the personnel and goods to eliminate the goods. And dust impurities and bacterial contaminants brought on by personnel. So it is a very critical channel, so if there is a problem with this channel, how can we solve it? Let’s explain the problems that often occur in the Nanjing air shower, and then we can solve them by ourselves.
1. When the equipment does not light up, we can observe whether the power switch is turned on. There are multiple power switches in the Nanjing air shower room. We must check them in place and pay attention to the personnel during the power-on process. Safety. Be sure to warn in advance.
2. When there is a stopping problem during use, you need to check whether the emergency switch is turned on, because if the machine has problems such as improper operation, it may cause the emergency switch to cut off and stop the equipment from running.
3. When the air shower rate in the Nanjing air shower room is low, we can check whether the three-phase circuit is connected reversely. If it is not found in time, it will easily lead to short circuit of the electric board and burn out the equipment. At the same time, companies are reminded that the related circuit and wire connection must be carried out by a certified electrician, which also guarantees the safety of other people’s lives.
Fourth, if the wind speed is too low, it may be caused by the accumulation of a large amount of dust in the equipment under long-term working conditions, which puts pressure on the operation of the equipment, so the wind speed is reduced. Therefore, it is found that there is a lot of dust that needs to be cleaned. If the effect is still not good after cleaning, consider replacing the filter device.
Regardless of the problem, we, as production managers, must pay attention to it and regularly check and update the Nanjing air shower to prevent safety accidents. At the same time, it is necessary to arrange related personnel to carry out the later maintenance of the equipment, and also need to check the above aspects before restarting, to ensure that the equipment is not dangerous when it is in operation.

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