Six advantages of air duct type automatic roller shutter filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 213 views

With the progress of the air filtration industry, many types of air filters have been derived. Among them, the air duct type automatic rolling curtain filter is the more outstanding one, and the application range is also the most widely used type, so its market is also The biggest one, all users will give praise after use, why is this the case? Because it has very unique advantages, such as the following aspects:

First, what has to be said is the efficiency of dust removal and filtration of the roller blind filter. The use of a wind pipe type automatic winding filter can filter the coarse particles with a content of more than 85% in the air at one time, so that the air at the air outlet can be filtered. The quality is excellent and reliable, which greatly reduces the frequency of replacement of the rear filter, and is a reliable operation for the safe and effective operation of the entire air treatment system.

Second, the unique design of the air duct type automatic roller shutter filter, seamlessly connected with the air inlet pipe, eliminates the need for environmental protection engineers to consider the installation of the roller shutter filter on site, and the goods can pass through the interface flange after reaching the site It is directly sealed with the pipelines and equipment on site, which is convenient and quick, and its installation efficiency is also staggering.

Third, the patented filter material quick change function of the air duct type automatic rolling screen filter , enters the inside of the pipeline when customer maintenance is not required, and only needs to complete a series of maintenance work such as overall equipment debugging and filter material replacement outside the box. The design that does not need to enter the pipeline is currently favored by customers in various air treatment projects such as chemical industry, painting, VOC gas filtration, RTO regenerative incinerator, etc. With the current domestic emission standards becoming stricter and more standardized, our roller shutter filter series products have been sought after by environmental protection engineering companies.

Fourth, the air duct type automatic rolling curtain filter is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The data shows that under normal working conditions, its working rated power is only 100w-200W. Under daily standby conditions, there is almost no power consumption. When the material reaches the value of the replacement pressure difference, the power consumption of the starter motor product will last only a few minutes. This shows that its later power operation cost is quite low.

Fifth, the new super-wide and super-wide new filter material storage device of the air duct type automatic rolling screen filter can store the filter material used by customers for 5-15 times. Greatly save the cost of manpower operation in the later stage. Nowadays, as labor costs continue to rise, this innovative filter type has been recognized by customers with large ventilation areas.

Sixth, the air duct type automatic rolling curtain filter provides the possibility of online replacement. As we all know, for some chemical and coating production lines, the cost of downtime for maintenance of the entire system is quite huge. The introduction of the duct type roller shutter filter can be said to solve the problem of online replacement.

These advantages are only more obvious. Specifically, the air duct type automatic rolling shutter filter has many advantages, because in this case, it is not an article that can be described one by one, but only these Advantages are enough to satisfy users and make them feel worthwhile, don’t you think?


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