Salt mist coiled filter-the first choice filter for oil field motor and ventilation motor protection in coastal areas

May 16, 2019 Industry News 181 views

With the continuous improvement of the requirements of coastal production operations and the continuous development of science and technology, the research and development and use of filter equipment have become wider and wider, which meets the various individual requirements of industrial production conditions. This article introduces you a kind of filtering equipment, called “salt mist automatic winding filter”. From the name point of view, the equipment for filtering salt fog is generally only used in coastal areas. The following describes the series of products in detail.

1. What is a salt spray automatic rolling air filter filter?

Salt fog filter is a kind of filtering equipment commonly used to protect oil field motors and ventilators. It is suitable for coastal areas or areas with more salt fog. The composition of the salt spray filter is mainly composed of three parts, namely a waterproofer, a high-efficiency filter and a cabinet. In order to withstand the erosion of rain and salt spray, the materials of these parts are generally stainless steel 304 or stainless steel with a higher nickel content. Material composition.

Second, the filtering principle of the salt mist automatic rolling filter

The salt mist filter is equipped with a ventilator. When the ventilator is powered on, the humid air containing salt mist will be sucked into the filter. There is a rainproof device in the filter. When the inhaled water mist air meets the rainproof device It will condense into water droplets, and then the water droplets will flow along the groove on the inner waterproof core of the salt mist filter to the bottom of the rainproof device, and finally flow out of the salt mist filter.

If there is rainwater, the salt mist filter has a labyrinth leaf filter element, which can perform multi-layer filtering to keep the rainwater out of the filter element.

Three, the installation precautions of the salt spray roller shutter air filter

1. The salt mist filter is generally installed at the air inlet of the motor to filter moisture, salt and dust in the air to protect the motor.

2. If the salt mist filter is used in the generator set, it will generally be installed at the rear air inlet hood of the generator, and it is a flat installation form with the air inlet hood. In addition, the method of on-site drilling is generally adopted. To ensure the accuracy of drilling bolt holes.

3. If the salt spray filter is used in a DC motor, it is generally installed at the air inlet of the cooling fan and installed on the flange surface with the air inlet. The same method of on-site drilling is generally used to ensure the accuracy of the bolt holes. . And after the salt mist filter is installed, in order to reduce the air inlet resistance and ensure that there is enough air inlet to cool the motor, the other filter layer materials originally installed at the air inlet should be removed.

4. In addition, in order to prevent air leakage and ensure air intake, the connection between the salt mist filter and the air inlet must be strictly sealed.

5. Regardless of the purpose, after the installation of the salt spray filter, support and reinforcement measures must be taken at the bottom to ensure the reliability and safety of the installation.

6. After installing the salt mist filter at the air inlet of the motor, pay attention to the changes in the air inlet volume and temperature changes of the motor. Once abnormal conditions occur, timely measures should be taken to reduce the air resistance and increase the cooling air volume.

The salt mist winding filter is an upgraded and improved product of the ordinary salt mist filter, which avoids the work intensity of frequent filter replacement in offshore operations. It can be automatically wound to the power of 7-8 and the filter material needs to be replaced manually, saving 7- 8 times the labor cost and filter material cost, although the initial equipment investment is slightly higher, but in terms of later maintenance and operation costs, it is quite simple and cheap.

The above has introduced the filtration principle and installation instructions of the salt mist automatic roller blind filter. If you want to know more information and knowledge about the filtration equipment, please log on to the official website of Ecolead Nanjing Ecolead. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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