Routine maintenance procedures for automatic rolling filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 186 views

For a machine to run well, daily maintenance is essential. Although everyone knows this kind of thing, the lack of relevant knowledge makes it impossible to deal with machine failures in time. Nanjing Yixiou is a professional manufacturer of automatic roller shutter filters . The following are some of the simple problems that our company’s technical staff may encounter during the operation of the roller shutter filter, helping everyone to repair and maintain them by themselves. This allows the filter to operate normally and smoothly, so that our products can serve customers more consistently and steadily.

1. Common fault solutions of automatic rolling filter

Description of the failure of the roller shutter filter

Roll-up filter inspection method

Roller filter filter cotton is dirty but not automatically wound to replace the filter material

1. Check whether the control screen interface is adjusted to automatic mode

2. Check whether the pressure connecting pipe of the differential pressure switch is installed correctly

3. Observe the pollution degree of the filter material, and use a differential pressure meter to measure whether the differential pressure on the wind surface reaches the set value of the differential pressure switch

4. Check whether the motor is overloaded

5. Check whether the transmission parts are damaged

Chain loose

1. Remove a section of chain and adjust the tightness

2. Lift up the bracket that fixes the motor as a whole

Abnormal transmission of chain and gear

Regularly clean the dust and other stains on the chain, and add lubricating oil

Side air leakage

Place the filter material in the new filter material box in the middle, evenly arrange the left and right distances, and manually wind it for a certain distance, and observe whether the transmission mechanism is normal

The lower filter material is wound onto the disc

Same as above, mainly due to the deviation of the transmission winding

The buzzer still alarms after the new filter material is replaced

Remove the wire wrapped around the limit switch

2 Safety instructions for automatic roll-up filter maintenance

l During the electrical wiring process, it should be carried out in accordance with the electrical equipment technical operating procedures standards and the operating procedures specified for indoor wiring

l Pay attention to wire damage, breakage, rigid twisting, stretching, etc. to avoid fire, electric shock and other accidents

l Do not disassemble the electronic control system by yourself, and do not adjust the factory parameters without authorization

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