Related knowledge of automatic winding filter (roller shutter filter): comparative analysis of horizontal automatic roller shutter filter and vertical roller shutter filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 202 views

The automatic winding filter produced by our company can be divided into horizontal and vertical according to site requirements. Here we briefly introduce some of the differences between vertical and horizontal automatic winding filters for customers to understand and purchase
1. The difference in the place of use

Vertical is the most common and commonly used design form. It is often used in venues without space height restrictions, and the filter section is often an opening in the wall;

Horizontal type is often used in small or short space or filter section of air duct system. When the space height is limited, we must strictly consider the effective filter area to meet the required air volume, and try to maximize the effective filter area. The wide and long design of the horizontal automatic winding filter can be installed in a small space and can meet the air volume design requirements.

2. The difference in appearance

The whole set of vertical equipment is installed upright and must be ascended when replacing the new filter material.

The horizontal type is installed side by side, and the filter material can be replaced on the left or right side of the equipment.

3. The difference of the filter material winding system

Vertical type is the filter material from top to bottom, longitudinal;

The horizontal position is from left to right or the opposite direction, horizontal.

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