Related knowledge of automatic winding filter (roller filter): Introduction to special filter cotton for winding filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 199 views

Here is a brief introduction to you about the various knowledge points about the winding filter material, for customers to refer to when purchasing consumables for the second time.

1. It is made of long glass fiber in a non-woven and gradually dense structure. The fiber has good strength and good elasticity, and it does not compress the filter material due to wind resistance, which affects the dust holding capacity. And it will not deform or cause the fiber to fly under vibration and rolling;

2. A strong mesh support net is attached to the back to protect the filtering performance of the filter material under high wind speed operation on the cross section;

3. The contaminated filter screen is wrapped inside and tightly wrapped around the position of the lower filter material mechanism, which is not only easy to replace, but also clean and hygienic.

4. The filter screen has a long life, and the filter screen can be replaced automatically when the pressure difference is reached, which reduces the labor cost of replacement.

5. There is a paper shaft inside, which is convenient and quick to replace, and can be used in conjunction with other manufacturers’ roller shutter filter products

It can be seen that the filter material is the main part of the automatic winding filter. When we purchase replacement filter materials, we must first consider selecting the appropriate filter efficiency, and secondly, consider whether the required effect is achieved. In addition, we must also consider the economic benefits of the experiment.

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