Reconstruction of the air shower room, transfer window and partition wall of the 14th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

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Reconstruction of the air shower room, transfer window and partition wall of the 14th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Project name: Fourteen air shower rooms, transfer windows and partition walls renovation

Project Introduction: Reconstruction of clean room air shower room, transfer window and partition wall in 14 factories

Undertaking time: 2016.7

The 14th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation is located in the beautiful city of Nanjing. Xinsuo District covers an area of nearly 2,000 acres. It is the birthplace of China’s radar industry, the country’s pioneer of many new and high-end radar equipment, and has international competition. A comprehensive electronic information engineering research institute with capabilities. Its predecessor was the “Special Telecommunications Equipment Repair Office of the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China” established in 1946; it was taken over by the People’s Liberation Army after the April 1949 uprising, and it was directly subordinated to the Second Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Tenth Academy of National Defense, and the Fourth Machinery Industry. The Tenth Academy of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Tenth Research Institute of the National Defense Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of Electronics Industry, the Ministry of Information Industry, etc., have belonged to China Electronics Technology Group Corporation since 2002.

As the backbone of the national defense electronic information industry, the fourteen institutes keep in mind the sacred mission entrusted by the party and the state, give full play to high-tech advantages, serve national security, and have a role in the integrated business of R&D, design, manufacturing, and service of electronic information equipment. Leading core competence and international competitiveness. It has successively undertaken key tasks in a number of national key projects such as “Two bombs and one satellite”, “Manned spaceflight”, Three Gorges Project, Olympic security, etc., and has been commended by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission. And awards. He has successively won many honorary titles such as National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction, National May 1st Labor Certificate of Merit, and Jiangsu Provincial Civilized Unit Pacemaker. While making positive contributions to the construction of national defense, the 14th Institute adheres to the path of integrated military-civilian development and international development in accordance with the requirements of “combination of military and civilians and integration of the military and civilians,” and actively devotes itself to the construction of the national economy. Relying on the advantages of military scientific research, the 14th Institute has achieved rapid development in civilian fields such as modern logistics, urban rail transit, wireless communications, civil radar, software and integrated circuits, and has now become a group research institute covering both domestic and international markets.

In the 60 years of independent innovation and development, a team of innovative talents has been formed that is “especially able to endure hardships, particularly capable of fighting, and particularly capable of dedication”. There are currently more than 5,000 in-service employees and more than 3,000 scientific researchers. The Chinese Academy of Engineering There are 3 academicians, and there are more than 130 national, provincial and ministerial-level young and middle-aged experts who have made outstanding contributions and who enjoy special government allowances. The self-reliant, self-reliant and pioneering scientific and technological innovation style formed by the establishment, as well as the first-class innovation conditions such as the national key laboratory and post-doctoral scientific research workstations, have enabled the 14 institutes to obtain more than 60 national achievement awards. There are more than 340 first-class achievement awards, and a group of projects have won the “Ten National Science and Technology Achievements”, the National Science and Technology Progress Special Prize, and the National Science and Technology Progress First Prize.

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