Precautions for transportation and storage of fast rolling door air shower room

May 22, 2019 Industry News 206 views

The quick-rolling door air shower is a kind of purification equipment that is widely used, which can effectively and efficiently reduce the entry of dust and pollution sources. Therefore, many companies in need will use the air shower, especially in the food processing industry. The air shower is the most widely used. The air shower needs to be operated in accordance with the regulations in the use of the air shower. Later, it needs to be maintained and maintained in accordance with the specifications. What aspects should be paid attention to in the early transportation and storage of the shower room?

1. The phenomenon of bumps and bumps must be reduced during transportation, not only for the appearance, but also for the internal protection of the equipment. After the rapid rolling door air shower room is produced, it must be loaded and transported. Pay attention to the sanitation of the vehicle to avoid damage. Contaminants cause pollution of the cabinet.

2. It is necessary to wrap the corners to prevent the abrasion of the corners and corners. After that, they can be wrapped with packaging materials with good airtight performance such as cling film, which can prevent the entry of moisture and rain, and achieve the effect of moisture and moisture prevention.

3. The best choice of packaging tools is wood, which can prevent impact and ensure the dryness of the product.

4. Do not invert and bump during transportation. During loading and unloading, ensure that the equipment is handled gently and after unloading, the integrity of the equipment must be maintained to prevent parts from being lost.

5. For the selection of storage warehouses for manufacturers, manufacturers should refer to the two conditions of humidity and ventilation to ensure that the storage conditions of the equipment meet the requirements of the equipment and ensure the best performance of the air shower.

6. The storage temperature of the air shower room of the fast rolling door is prohibited to exceed 50 degrees Celsius, and the humidity does not exceed 80% . The storage location is forbidden to use with open flames. Manufacturers and demand companies must comply with the above requirements in transportation and storage to ensure the good performance of the equipment.

The above are the precautions for the transportation and storage of the fast rolling door air shower room . All companies must strictly abide by it. It has high performance and sealing performance, which is a condition that many other dust removal and filtration equipment cannot achieve. Simple operation, low operating noise, good sealing performance, and good filtering and dust removal effects are all its advantages. Therefore, for companies to ensure the transportation and storage of the equipment can ensure that the most basic performance of the equipment is not damaged.

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