Precautions for the use of Nanjing air shower

May 22, 2019 Industry News 218 views

Although the operation of Nanjing air shower room is very simple, any kind of equipment has its operating specifications when used. Therefore, there are many precautions in the usual operation process. We have sorted it out for everyone. Everyone is familiar with some safety issues to prevent production safety accidents from happening.

First, the precautions for the convenience of electricity

Check before starting up and running, and then perform wiring work by an electrician to avoid potential safety hazards. In addition, check the electrical accessories carefully to prevent the electrical accessories from burning and causing fires. Therefore, the electricity must go through the process before use. The electrician is responsible, and no one else can do it for you.

Second, the matters needing attention in operation

The entrance and exit of the Nanjing air shower room is not allowed to enter and exit at will. The entrance is only for the entrance, and the exit only does not enter. It cannot be forced in and out beyond the norm to prevent damage to the equipment. If an abnormal situation is found during operation, the power switch or emergency button should be cut off, and then the maintenance should be carried out in time. At the same time, the maintenance personnel must be professional, and inexperienced workers should not be used for maintenance to avoid harm.

Third, other matters needing attention

In the maintenance process, pay attention to the cleaning of the Nanjing air shower . Do not use volatile and corrosive materials for cleaning. The storage of the equipment should also be selected in a good location, especially in some high-risk places. So, what kind of place is called a high-risk place? For example, places with large temperature differences, or places with excessive humidity, or places with high-voltage power supplies.

There are other precautions for the Nanjing air shower room , which are not summarized here. We recommend that companies follow the equipment’s operating specifications during daily use and operation. The precautions mentioned above can be used for reference. I also hope to help everyone. In the final analysis, the hazards are caused by improper use, so as long as we put an end to all behaviors that do not follow the norms, it can be avoided.

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