Precautions for maintenance of automatic roller shutter air filter in Zhejiang spray booth

May 22, 2019 Industry News 282 views

Recently, a large area of smog in my country is affecting people’s nerves, and industrial sources that have been “diagnosed” by the Ministry of Environmental Protection as the main source of pollution are still to blame, whether in terms of emissions or controllability. Old trouble”-Exceeding standards is common, and frauds continue. The news media kept refreshing multiple exposure announcements of the environmental protection inspection team. In order to ensure the quality of the air and meet the emission standards, the factory usually adopts professional filters. The professional automatic rolling curtain air filter in Zhejiang painting industry is a kind of equipment to filter paint mist, so what should be paid attention to when maintaining this equipment The details? Let’s look at the introduction below.

The details that need to be paid attention to when maintaining the roller curtain air filter in Zhejiang spray booth:

In the spray booth, this kind of special filter has very high practical value. In order to ensure and extend the service life of the equipment, everyone should also pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment during the actual use process.

First of all, after using the equipment, various cleaning tasks must be carried out. Because it is a positive pressure ventilation pipe, the paint mist in the air duct will be more or less blown into the new and old filter boxes on the side. Drying the adhesion will affect the automatic winding system. Running. At this time, the tool you need to use is the brush, because there is a brush that can help you clean the dust on the side of the device, and the choice of the brush is very important, because its type will affect the quality of the device filter; for example, in cleaning When the filter is used, a soft-bristled brush is used to ensure cleanliness and the quality of the equipment. If a hard-bristled brush is used, the equipment will be damaged and its performance will be affected.

Secondly, when cleaning the equipment, the choice of cleaning agent is also very important. You must pay attention to the choice of cleaning agent when performing equipment maintenance. Do not use strong acid and alkaline cleaning agents, because such products will corrode the filter and Damage to the structure of the equipment will also affect the normal use of the equipment. So here is a reminder that when cleaning the equipment, you must be cautious when choosing a cleaning agent. Only in this way can the quality of equipment maintenance be guaranteed.

Finally, pay attention to the usual installation and use methods of the equipment. Before use, the correct installation method can ensure the effective operation of the equipment, and the correct use method can ensure that the equipment is not damaged while improving the overall use efficiency of the equipment. Appropriate and effective maintenance can effectively increase the service life of the equipment.

These are the details that need to be paid attention to during the maintenance of the automatic rolling curtain air filter in Zhejiang spray booth. These contents are mainly to tell you that no matter what equipment is used, the correct choice, professional installation, and effective use can ensure the ultimate practicality of the equipment. , Finally, I recommend a professional equipment manufacturer-Nanjing Yixiou Technology Development Co., Ltd.!

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