Precautions for debugging of automatic rolling air filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 299 views

After installing and fixing the Ecolead automatic roller shutter filter of Nanjing Yixiou, the construction unit may have doubts when debugging. I am afraid that without the cooperation of our after-sales service engineers, the debugging will be uncertain or the final result will be unsatisfactory. Today we will briefly list a few important points for sharing and absorption by colleagues and customers .

1. Direction of wind in and out. The automatic winding filter automatically controls the difference between the inlet and outlet directions through the existence of the pressure difference control, that is, the positive pressure on the inlet side and the negative pressure on the outlet side. If the direction of the inlet and outlet sides is reversed during actual installation, then even the inlet and outlet sides If the actual pressure difference reaches or far exceeds the set value, the equipment will not operate. At this time, it is necessary to reverse the air pipes connected to the air inlet and outlet at the differential pressure switch. Therefore, when debugging, it is first necessary to determine whether the direction of the air inlet and outlet corresponding to the pressure difference switch air pipe is correct.

2. Automatic mode status. There are two modes of operation with automatic mode. You need to press a key to enter the automatic mode. If it is not in automatic mode, the automatic winding filter cannot work automatically. Nanjing Isio

3. Check the filter material. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the new filter material winding tube in the new filter material box and the bottom old filter material winding tube are in the card slot or whether they are fixed, otherwise, transmission failure will occur during operation, and even the parts will be damaged. Nanjing Yixio then checked whether the filter material was dirty, because it took a long time for the filter to be energized for debugging. During this process, the filter material was contaminated with a lot of dust. When the suction device is started, the pressure difference between the filter material and the filter material is different. The value far exceeds the set value, and forced start under such a large negative pressure will damage the automatic winding filter. At this time, the suction equipment should be stopped, the dirty filter material should be replaced in manual mode, and then the suction equipment should be turned on to continue debugging.

4. Determine whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct. Compared with single-phase motors, three-phase motors run smoothly and have lower noise. Therefore, auto-winding roller shutters mostly use three-phase motors, and three-phase motors have the problem of forward and reverse rotation, so they must be entered during debugging. The manual mode runs briefly to determine the direction of the motor. Right turn from the left to see is counterclockwise operation. Nanjing Isio


The above debugging methods and experience of the coiled air filter are hoped to help our valued customers, and be well aware of them during the debugging process.

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