Precautions for blowing and showering in Nanjing air shower room

May 22, 2019 Industry News 186 views

In order to reduce the dust and bacteria brought into the body by operators and goods when they enter the clean room. Entering the dust-free operating environment generally passes through a very important passage through the Nanjing air shower, because this step during the generation process can reduce the dust and pollution problems caused by the workshop operators or the cargo machinery. The manual air shower is mainly aimed at It is the production staff, so there are a lot of precautions for everyone to know.

First of all, the air in the Nanjing air shower room needs to be kept clean. When the person enters, all parts of the person’s body should be sprayed to ensure that the dust, magazines and other materials on the person’s body are thoroughly exposed to the wind, so as to ensure that the person will not carry it. Into the pollution source. Pay special attention to the dust on the soles of shoes.

Secondly, the personnel and number entering the Nanjing air shower room should be well controlled. If the number is too large, it is best to enter in batches to prevent the excessive number of falling dead corners and causing pollution. If the cargo enters, it is better to enter from the cargo shower room, because the volume of the cargo is large and it is easy to damage the air shower room.

Thirdly, if there are instruments and meters that need to pass through the Nanjing air shower , we have to consider the electrostatic factor of the equipment, because if there is static electricity, dust and magazines will adhere, so it may not be cleaned when it is air showered. Brought in by pollution sources. Therefore, elimination of static electricity is a prerequisite for entry.

Finally, in addition to the purification effect of preventing the entry of pollution sources during the blowing and showering process of the Nanjing air shower room , it is also a warning zone for the staff, which can well regulate the work of the operators, and always warn the staff to perform aseptic cleaning. The necessity of dust operation eliminates all possible sources of pollution. Therefore, the air shower room is very important for dust-free operation. Therefore, the company must regularly maintain and maintain the equipment in the air shower room, and clean it according to the usage conditions to ensure the necessity of the installation of the dust-free operation channel. Don’t let it be in vain, and must play the role of a dust-free channel.

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