Plate washable filter

May 16, 2019 air filter 362 views

Product Features:

l Outer frame: plastic frame, galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel frame

l    Frame thickness: 10, 15, 21, 46, 50, 65, 70, 80, 96MM, etc.

l    Filter material: polyester fiber with high dust holding capacity and low resistance, can be cleaned 2-3 times

l    Maximum temperature: 98°C

l    Maximum humidity: 99%

l    Efficiency: G2, G3, G4 (EN779)


l    Pre-filtration of air-conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust pollution inside the system

l     Large air compressor pre-filtration

l    The return air filtration of the clean room centralized ventilation and air-conditioning system extends the service life of the high-grade filter

l    The ventilation system of ordinary industrial plants meets the general clean air requirements

l Coarse filtration of air conditioning in general buildings

Initial resistance and air volume relationship curve

Common specifications and performance parameters

1. In case of specification and structure changes, the latest data provided by our company shall prevail

2. The company accepts orders for non-listed filter products

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