Pioneer in the filtration process of the rolling curtain primary filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 200 views

Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. People in China and the whole world are paying attention to environmental problems. Air pollution is the most worrying for mankind. The root cause lies in the increase in production, the intensification of large-scale industrialization, and various pollution emission problems. And so on are the root causes of environmental pollution. Abandoning industrial production is not the basic way to solve pollutant emissions. Only by controlling and filtering the emissions can the air be cleaned. Therefore, the air filter has become the basic equipment for filtering pollutants, and the rolling curtain primary filter is a kind of equipment with a high degree of automation for coarse filtration.

In the market, the roller shutter type primary filter is favored by many companies due to its price advantage, especially for industries that emit large particles, this filter is the most suitable. It is simple and convenient to use, easy to operate, can be mastered quickly when learning, and has high safety performance, simple structure, and easy maintenance and disassembly. The range of substances that can be discharged is wide, such as dust particles, toxic and harmful gases, and can also achieve the effect of disinfection. Therefore , the roller shutter type primary effect filter is very popular in the market.

In the process of enterprise purchase, it is necessary to select the type according to the needs of the enterprise. Although its price is low, if the industry does not apply this filter, do not try it. The primary effect filter has given great convenience to various fields, and has also given a preliminary solution to environmental problems.

We need to replace and maintain in time during the use process, the function of the equipment will be reduced if the use period is long, so the dust removal effect will be affected, and the purification will be incomplete, so it is most important for the company to replace the dust removal equipment in time. . In addition to timely replacement, daily maintenance procedures are also indispensable. Clean up after shutdown and check safety items before starting to extend the service life of the equipment.

The filtering effect of the rolling curtain type primary filter is obvious to all, and the price advantage also makes its market situation wide. The technology is constantly updated, and the primary filter will continue to improve in the dust removal effect, which will be more favored by the public.

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