Paint spray booth paint fog solution-automatic winding filter

May 16, 2019 Industry News 220 views

Paint spray booth paint fog solution–Nanjing Yixiou automatic winding filter

Generally speaking, the gas circulation and environmental protection emissions of paint spray booths have always been a concern. When painting , the air in the paint booth is mixed with paint dust, so the ventilation spray booth is especially critical. When the exhaust fan draws the air out through the filter cotton of the automatic winding filter, the paint dust will stick to the cotton (the filter cotton is usually installed at the suction and outlet of the exhaust fan)! Make the extracted gas cleaner! Filter cotton is for this purpose, it can filter small particles in the air. The filtration efficiency can reach 90-95%@0.5 µ m / 80%@0.5 µ m / 70%@1 µ m .

If the work of the spray booth is very busy, the drawn out paint dust can easily block the filter cotton. The use of an automatic roller shutter filter can effectively solve the problem of replacing the filter cotton. When the filter cotton reaches the set pressure difference value, the new filter cotton will be wound down to replace the dirty filter cotton that is saturated and filtered. No need for human monitoring and control of the wound filter material, no need to stop the machine

It can be seen that the winding filter with automatic function is the most important basis for selecting our company’s equipment for the gas filtration link of the exhaust emission system. The upstream is equipped with an air inlet flange, which is connected with the spray tower, and the downstream is connected with an activated carbon adsorption tower, forming a complete set of exhaust gas treatment system, so that the final exhaust gas can meet environmental protection standards.

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