One-hundred-level purification shed of Jiangsu Radio Factory

May 20, 2019 Performance and case 313 views

Project Description:

At first, Jiangsu Radio Factory contacted us to plan to build a small area of dust-free workshop. After receiving the project budget, I felt that the investment cost was too high. It just put in a device with slightly strict requirements on temperature, humidity and cleanliness for operation, and later listened to us. According to the suggestion, it was changed to build a dust-free shed to achieve the goal of 100 grades of local cleanliness, and achieve the same effect with the smallest investment. Through mutual communication and understanding, trust in our company has also been established, and finally we have been selected as a cooperative supplier of clean sheds among several peer manufacturers.

Jiangsu Radio Factory Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiangsu Radio Factory) was founded in 1958. The enterprise covers an area of 23,720 square meters, with a construction area of 15,800 square meters. The company has long been engaged in the design and manufacture of intelligent data communication equipment, satellite positioning and navigation systems, meteorological equipment, and power equipment. It has the ability of overall system design, system integration, and application software development. It is a high-tech enterprise designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to produce electronic products.

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