Notice about all employees of the company participating in the promotion of the company's official website

May 18, 2019 company news 276 views

In order to better publicize the company’s website and promote the company’s main products: clean sheds, winding filters, air showers and other related sales work, the company’s leaders have decided that all employees of the company will participate in the promotion of the company’s official website. The specific work as follows:

Website promotion time: Everyone takes half an hour to participate in website promotion every day.

Website promotion matters:

① The company’s front desk and consulting staff, help the company’s website content fillers, and do a good job of editing the company’s news columns.

②The company’s product technicians and engineers, to help the company’s website content filling personnel, do a good job in editing, adding and modifying solutions and product knowledge columns.

③Company managers and other colleagues, help the external chain builders of the company’s website, do a good job in the construction of external shops on the company’s official website, the release of information classification and the publicity of the forum.

In the near future, it is an important time for the company’s clean shed, winding filter, air shower and other related businesses to develop. For the long-term development of the company, I hope that every colleague will develop hard-working and meticulous work to make the website promotion work in place and contribute to the company’s long-term development. contribution. Those with outstanding performance will register outstanding contributors to the department leader based on the actual situation, and the leader will give awards based on the actual situation of the department.

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Time: Thursday, October 20, 2016

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