Nanjing Yixi's Ecolead roller shutter filter has large filtering area and good effect

May 22, 2019 Industry News 198 views

The roller shutter filter is currently a highly automated equipment in the filter industry, and it has many advanced technologies, and it also has many conveniences in use, for example, it is quick to install, simple to operate, and does not require additional labor costs. Therefore, it is widely used in many purification and dust removal fields. It is also a must-have air filtration equipment for many electronics factories, biochemical factories, spraying workshops, etc.

    Due to people’s attention to the environment, air emission standards are increasingly being valued by countries and enterprises. Therefore, the current self-winding air filter is being developed for applications in other fields. I believe that there will be more developments in the near future. direction. Although the technology of the roller blind filter is advanced, its principle is relatively simple. The air that needs to be filtered passes through the filter material. This filter material is a fibrous filter material. This layer of filter material will block dust and other impurities in the filter layer. More and more impurities will be filtered. When a certain amount is reached, the resistance will increase, then the control equipment will turn on the motor equipment to meet the filtering requirements, so pay attention to the filter material when using the filter Replace periodically to ensure the filtering effect.

  The final part of the roller blind filter is the filter material, and the main component of the filter material is polyester fiber. Polyester fiber has a strong ventilation filter and dust removal performance, and has good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, high strength, and this filter component is non-toxic, will not cause second-degree pollution, and has no taste. It is a very good filter material, and is currently the most commonly used filter material for automatic winding air filters.

  From the above, we can understand that the filtering principle of the automatic winding air filter is simple and easy to understand, and the operation method is simple and easy to learn when using it, so it is very suitable for large-scale ventilation and filtration of large enterprises, and the biggest advantage of the rolling filter is also Therefore, the filtering area can be large, and the filtering effect is also very good, so it is welcomed by the majority of companies that need air filtering.

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