Nanjing Manjiali Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

May 22, 2019 Performance and case 345 views

Nanjing Manjiali Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Project name: L-shaped air shower room in Nanjing Manjiali Plant

Project introduction: Design and installation of air shower room in the new plant

Undertaking time: 2015.11

In 2015, Nanjing Mangari built a 3,800-square-meter base in the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone for the R&D and industrialization of “built-in/external load switches”. This series of new products has high electrical safety and good stability, which not only supports Grid companies have requirements for full coverage, full collection, and full cost control for the construction of smart grids, and can also be applied to the fields of distributed energy grid connection, electric vehicle charging piles, and smart sockets for the Internet of Things. At present, this product has been promoted by the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid as an innovative technology.

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