Nanjing Longsheng Grease Stainless Steel Air Shower

May 16, 2019 Performance and case 269 views

The predecessor of Nanjing Longsheng Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. was Delong Oil Workshop, which was established in 1941. After liberation, it was renamed “Liuhe Oil Factory”. In 2000, it was restructured as “Nanjing Longsheng Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd.”. It has a history of 70 years. Located in Nanjing Liuhe Economic Development Zone, one of the four ancient capitals of China, it is the northern gateway of Nanjing. From raw material selection to refining and processing, the processing technology and processing standards of each step strictly follow the food safety regulations to ensure that every drop of oil is of the highest quality. The stainless steel air shower room was selected for the installation of food industry specifications. According to the characteristics of the actual plant design, we designed an L-shaped air shower room to meet its strict processing requirements. More and more food processing enterprises choose Nanjing air shower room, which has made a strong guarantee for food safety.

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